We want to start by saying thank you for all hard work. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed and you are appreciated more than we could ever say. We are thankful that we have all been able to continue to work, while so many have lost their jobs.

We appreciate your faithfulness to Living with Purpose. We know this is a difficult situation and can sometimes be worrying to even come to work. So, starting next week, every direct care staff will be given an extra $2 per hour worked. This Covid-19 Bonus will be in leu of the performance bonus plan and will be paid weekly with your other hours worked opposed to monthly. That said, please, continue to do your job to the highest quality. Clocking in, filling out the MAR, and writing logs notes should never be forgotten.

This will be in effect the entire month of April. We will evaluate on a monthly basis as necessary as the problem continues to change.

Stay safe, wear a mask, cover your cough, try not to go out in public for now, AND WASH YOUR HANDS.