To all Living with Purpose staff,

First off, we want to say thank you
for all you have done and continue to do. 
Everyone has risen to the occasion and we are incredibly proud of all
our staff and individuals during this unprecedented and sometimes alarming
time.  As you know, our services cannot stop,
and our individuals need our care. 
Please continue to show up as you have been.  We have the best staff and we know you will
continue to perform to the highest level despite everything going on!

As of right now, there are no known staff or individuals with COVID-19.  Though, due to the strict testing parameters none have been tested at this time as far as we know. If you feel sick or have a temperature, do not come to work.  Please alert your Program Manager and Scheduling Manager as soon as you feel symptoms arise or know that you have been in contact with someone that has tested positive.  All that said, we have had numerous accounts of staff and client interactions with people that may show signs and symptoms.  We will alert you as soon as any positive tests are reported to us.


All ISLs are on lockdown.  This means there should be no unnecessary community outings.  No visitors other than guardians.  All staff and guardians must complete a screening upon entering the home. Staff may only report to one ISL for the time being.  If you serve in multiple ISLs, we will be contacting you to determine a schedule that works for you within only one home.

Staff need to live a quarantined
lifestyle.  Only necessary outings
outside of work.  The CDC recommends this
to contain the virus.  Staff need to
shower and change clothes before and after each shift. Many of our clients are
at higher risk and we must be even more cautious when we aren’t working. Wash
your hands. 

What constitutes a necessary community outing?  Grocery/household supply shopping and already scheduled doctor’s appointments.  We need to try and limit grocery shopping to once a week.  Taking walks in the individual’s neighborhood and local parks are encouraged.  These should be routine and planned. Our clients can’t sit in their home all day every day.  Avoid crowds when outside the home.


If this contagion worsens and our
communities initiate total lockdown, our jobs must continue.  We will be an exception to the rule.  We are a healthcare agency and our clients
must have their staff.  If this occurs,
schedules will most likely be altered. 
Shifts will lengthen to reduce the number of shift exchanges and potential
to spread the virus. 

We are asking all staff what they are available to work. Though working more than 16 hours is outside of our normal operational procedures, for now the state of MO is allowing special previsions to work beyond these time parameters.  For those willing to work extended or even live-in hours, please contact Ryan, the Scheduling Coordinator.

We will not make changes until
changes are necessary.  You will receive
texts and updates through this site.  So,
if you hear rumor elsewhere or are told anything contrary to what you are told
through these sources, refer back to this webpage and ask your Program Manager
for clarification.

Again, thank you. Stay safe.  Wash your hands.  But, most of all, pray for our world and
those that are sick. 

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God Bless and Live with Purpose,

Dale Harrah
CEO and President

Jonathan Harrah
COO and Vice President