As many of you know, St. Louis City and County as well as St. Charles County have initiated a “Stay at Home” ordinance. This means that only essential personnel can travel.  All staff are being issued official Living with Purpose Employee ID Badges as well as letters from the state clarifying our staffs’ need to travel.  These will be at the ISL you work in when you report to your next shift. These are only for travel to and from work, not for personal use. 

with these badges, staff should only be transferring clients to and from doctor
appointments and grocery/supply shopping.  Please, please, please, make sure clients are
getting out in their neighborhoods though. 
A simple walk with some fresh air will help the feeling of being shut in
with nothing to do.

again, thank you for your constant hard work and vigilance!  We will get through this one day at a time.  Please look over the list below and continue
to operate with the highest of standards. 
Continue to be the best!

Some notes from Travis Phillips, our Chief Medical Officer:

  • Wash your hands!!!
  • Prescreen before
    each shift.
    • Fill out questionnaire
      & follow directions accordingly
  • Keep the
    individual served in their Home
    • Any Outings should
      be at a Park or other Open Space Area
  • No Visitors
  • Clean and Sanitize
    the House
    • Wash all Linens
      & Clothing
    • Clean Forgotten areas
      such as Remote Controls, Doorknobs, Phones & Car Keys.
  • Keep Your Distance
    from Others
  • Cover your Cough
    & Sneeze
  • Wear Gloves
  • Continue to use
    the 7 Rights of Med Administration!