Job description


Positions available for internal and external candidates

Provide oversight and training to Managers, Lead DSPs, and DSPs.  Provide services as Manager, Lead DSP, and DSP Purpose Description outlines. Daily tasks include:  reviewing data to ensure completion and quality, review and delegate HIPs and CIMOR deficiencies for immediate rectification, assist with delegation of Monthly Nursing Review tasks, review Individual’s Monthly Summaries for submission to state, develop individualized growth plans for staff under supervision, training of Managers, Lead DSPs, and DSPs, perform routine checks of ISLs to ensure the highest quality and care is being delivered. Must communicate regularly with Managers and assist with delegated tasks to promote a balanced workload. 


Other duties may be assigned. 

  • Oversee designated all Individuals and all staff working within their homes 
  • Through leadership, training, and advocacy promote consumer outcomes, dignity, and rights 
  • Monitor the provision of service for each client as well as progress towards goals. 
  • Review all Individuals’ Monthly Summaries 
  • Ensure all HIPs and CIMOR related audits are clear of deficiencies 
  • On-call for evenings and weekends. 
  • Identifies community resources and facilitate opportunities for natural supports and community integration. 
  • Perform routine pop-ins of ISLs 
  • Be familiar with all clients, the services they receive and the staff providing the services. 
  • Meet with the client, staff and guardians on a regular basis. 
  • Perform all job functions in a manner that exemplifies the agency mission and philosophy of service delivery and complies with Policies and Procedures 
  • Administer and manage Improvement Plans for necessary staff (up to termination) 
  • Ensure EMTs are completed and submitted to appropriate state/local agencies, consistent with LWPMO Policy and Procedures and State rules/laws 
  • Review and approve all Independent Supported Living  
  • Provide clinical and technical assistance to staff in case conceptualization, development, supervision, and/or implementation of ISPs  
  • Provide clinical and technical assistance to staff in case conceptualization, development, supervision, and/or implementation of Individual Crisis Plans by reviewing, approving/disapproving of Crisis Plans developed by staff 
  • Ensure participation in all agency Quality Assurance efforts 
  • Train staff in appropriate Case Management functions and actions, consistent with agency policy and procedures, State and Federal rules and statutes 
  • As requested, participate in and render clinical insight to internal investigations specific to clinical services 
  • Review and approve all weekly and monthly documentation submitted to Managers and other staff prior to administrative meeting  
  • Ensure all approved services for the consumers are provided in accordance with their ISP as agreed to by the client, his/her guardian (as appropriate), treatment team, and other consumer identified stakeholders 
  • Based on face to face and/or group clinical supervisions, develop individualized, clinical supervision plans for staff, as needed 
  • Ensure compliance with agency Policy and Procedures as related to provision of clinical services 
  • Ensure compliance with Federal and State labor statues and regulations 
  • In collaboration with Director and Senior Administration, ensure timely development of Plans of Correction, Agency Self-Assessments, responses to investigations, complaints, grievances, appeals, etc., as requested or required by regulatory, licensing agents, and/or agency Policy and Procedures 
  • Ensure documentation of service planning, authorization and provision is completed in a manner consistent with agency Policy and Procedures and State rules/definitions/laws 
  • Ensure all staff adhere to confidentiality of records and information, and release information consistent with LWPMO Policy and Procedures, State and Federal laws, and HIPAA guidelines 
  • Administrator and Business Office Manager, ensure budgeted hours for each client are not exceeded.  
  • Analyze various reports and documents for clinical trends and develop Plans of Correction for concerns 
  • Review and approve a sample of staff notes on a monthly basis 
  • Conduct clinical audits of charts on a quarterly basis or as needed 
  • Maintain consistent communication with the Administrator and staff regarding clinical operations of local office 
  • Do not engage, conspire, or coerce others to engage or conspire in any illegal or fraudulent acts (Please see attached Anti-Kickback Law and Medicaid Fraud definitions) 
  • Represent agency at appropriate State and or Regional meetings, as requested 
  • Have or develop a working knowledge of all applicable budgetary approval processes, agency policies and procedures, documentation requirements, and billable tasks,  
  • Have or develop a working knowledge of local community resources, both public and private 
  • Set and monitor clearly defined goals for personnel under his/her supervision 
  • Maintain a person centered focus throughout service provision 
  • Other duties as required by the Program Director or other Senior Management 

RESPONSIBILITY TO THE INDIVIDUAL SERVED – Provide services as outlined in DSP Purpose Description  


  • Provide services as outlined in Service Manager and Lead DSP Purpose Descriptions 
  • Supervise Manager, Lead DSPs, and DSPs 
  • Train Managers, Lead DSPss and DSPs on treatment needs and client service delivery. 
  • Serve as a role model to support staff, by consistently conducting him/herself in a professional and ethical manner in all situations, including but not limited to promptness of completing assignments, verbal/non-verbal communications, maintaining professional boundaries, representing agency with a professional image, wearing appropriate attire (See Employee Handbook), serving as a “team player,” complying with Federal Anti-Kickback Laws, and not engaging in, or coercing others to engage in, any fraudulent behavior (see Federal Anti-Kickback Laws and Medicaid Fraud Defined) 


  • Provide services as outlined in Service Manager Purpose Descriptions 
  • Attend weekly and monthly Administrative meeting  
  • Maintain current training and certifications/licensure requirements, as applicable 
  • Schedule and participate in all team meetings, committees, and audits as required 
  • In collaboration with Administration, promote the growth of the company by making sound clinical decisions regarding revenue and expenditures as related to current and new services 
  • Ensure services are being provided in a manner consistent with the agency mission statement. 
  • Ensure all State and Federal regulations and Agency Policy and Procedures are being followed. 
  • Ensure all appropriate documentation is filed appropriately in the client record 


  • Accurately document services provided at the time of service 
  • Ensure effective and regular communication with DSPs, Lead DSP, and Coordinator. 
  • Notify Coordinator of any observed or reported situation that does not follow company policy, or endangers an individual served. 
  • Review all Emergency Management Tracking (EMT) forms are completed and submitted as required 
  • Express ideas clearly and be able to plan and execute work effectively 
  • Establish and maintain effective professional relationships with colleagues, employees, individuals served, their families and guardians. 


  • Assist with implementing ISP and BSP (Behavior Support Plans). 
  • Provide support to Personnel Coordinator, Manager, and Lead DSP with scheduling 
  • Attend all treatment plans and administrative team meetings. 
  • Participate as a team member within the office and homes, requiring regularly scheduled team meetings. 
  • In cooperation with Administration, ensure budgeted hours for each client are appropriately met. 


  • LWPMO Office is located in St Charles. Services are provided in residential homes leased/owned and paid for by the Individual Served.  LWPMO service delivery sites are located in St Charles and St Louis counties.  Transportation may occur outside these locations for rare and scheduled events. The noise level in the work environment is usually minimum. 


  • Required to work 40 hours a week (16 in office/24 in homes). Overtime is required when shifts are unable to be filled by Personnel Coordinator.  


  • TBD; determined by level of support required by the Individual Served and experience 


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 


  • Bachelors Degree in human service field with minimum of one year experience working in the field of MR/DD, Bachelors Degree in a non human service field and two (2) years experience working with persons with developmental disabilities, OR some college with four (4) years experience working with persons with developmental disabilities 
  • High School Diploma or equivalency 
  • Completion of all required agency and state-mandated trainings. (provided by LWPMO) 
  • Ability to apply basic concepts of mathematics and computations 
  • Ability to read, write and comprehend English; ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. Ability to write reports and correspondence. Use of computer skills including Microsoft word and excel. 
  • Good verbal communication skills 
  • Ability to work as part of a team  
  • Valid driver’s license, current automobile liability insurance, safe and reliable transportation, and willingness to use personal vehicle to transport service recipient as needed or required. 

Knowledge Requirements 

  • Have or develop a working knowledge of various forms of developmental disabilities and/or mental illness, along with common accompanying issues of both disability areas 
  • Have or develop a working knowledge of rules, service definitions, and statutes governing the provision of the services provided 
  • Have or develop a working knowledge of all applicable agency Policies and Procedures, and documentation requirements 
  • Have or develop an understanding of HIPAA confidentiality rules 
  • Have or develop a working knowledge of programs and applications used by the agency, such as: log noting program, time keeping applications, and more 


  • The Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring systems are in place to address the on-going facilitation of services to each individual served, as well as oversee the collective services which has the potential to severely affect the health and safety of individuals served and staff.  


  • Possess the ability to adapt to changes, pay close attention to detail, exercise discretion, good judgment, develop options and solutions to crisis and problems, gather and analyze facts and deal with stressful situations while adhering to company Policies and Procedures. 
  • A drive to work without constant supervision and adhere to policies and procedures 
  • Good analytical skills 
  • Sense of personal responsibility for work performance and a professional attitude 
  • Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists 
  • Must be able to use other equipment such as a fax, copier and calculator. 
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to perform numerous tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced ISL environment. 


  • Physical requirements include: 
  • ability to sit, stand, squat, bend, pivot, and walk 
  • lift objects weighing over 25 pounds 
  • use normal range of motion of all body parts 
  • tolerate exposure to “normal” scents and chemicals (e.g., laundry detergent, bleach, cleaning supplies, etc.) 
  • go into medical settings where exposure to germs may be increased 
  • have the physical stamina and agility to break service recipient’s fall, bear his / her weight, and /or assist service recipient to an upright position 
  • Physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to perform the following actions:  
  • rapidly pursue service recipient if he/she tries to leave premises  
  • use Crisis Prevention “blocking” techniques to protect self from thrown objects and physical aggression  
  • use Crisis Prevention “holding” techniques to restrain service recipient, if necessary, to protect service recipient, employee, or others from injury; and, 
  • endure prolonged periods and varying intensity of maladaptive behaviors